Saturday, September 12, 2009

To all respectful visitors , when your mind had achieve the calmness and became clearly , You can now set it free and let it find yourself and the
true meaning of your life. Do you ever wonder in this life , all the miracle
things that happened in this world were created by whom ? Can it be all the miracle things happening in front of our eyes occur without the creator ? So think wisely and you’ll find the answer.

Friday, September 11, 2009

kepada kaum muslimin
apa yang saya papar kan disini hanya lah latihan asas sahaja ,dan secara umum
oleh itu untuk pengunjung muslimin diingatkan sentiasa mengingati Allah swt
semasa didalam latihan juga diluar latihan agar tidak dipesong kan akhidah kita
oleh iblis laknatullah.sekian dari alfakir paksuherba

Friday, September 4, 2009

mind relaxing and health

This is the mind teraphy that can be used by both women and men for mind and body relaxation.All the moves had been simply easy for you to learn it.

The first move is to sit properly in a comfortable position with a calm haert and can close your eyes and emptying your mind.

The second is plead guilty to your god and hope that god will forgive all your sin.Then you must imagine all the god things that god things that had been around in your life.Feel the good things in your head...

The third step is when you had feel all the happy thoughts and the calmness had attend in your heart and place it's position thought into your heart and place it position like it had been two fingers from your left chest.
The four step is,keep feeling all the happy things until you feel so much calmness filling your heart.When you have reach this situation then you will enter the breathing step of this teraphy.
This is the last and most important step of all.First,you must empty four mind again and keep focusing in your inhaling and exhaling in your lung keep wishing from your god for good health for health for both body and mind.
I hope that all of you will have a good life and make this teraphy as a routine in your life.I hope success will come for you.